• What Every Counselor Needs to Know When Working with GLBT Clients
  • The Crystal Meth Crisis and Sexual Compulsivity in Gay Men
  • Clergy, Sexual Orientation and Addiction
  • Stages of Coming Out
  • Heterosexism: How to heal from cultural victimization
  • Identifying Issues and Treatment Solutions for the GLBT Client
  • Quadruple Diagnosis in Gay Men: HIV, Substance Abuse, Depression, and Sexual compulsivity
  • Spirituality for GLBT Clients
  • Don’t Bash Me With Your Bible: A Response to the Scriptures Used Against Homosexuality.
  • Growing up Gay: Not This Way by Choice
  • Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Is It Truly an Addiction or What shall We Call It?
  • Gay Affirming vs. Gay Sensitive Programs: Who Needs Which?
  • Sexual Boundaries for Physicians, Clergy, and other Professionals: Sexual Orientation and Addiction

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